Fishing and Flow Reports


Local lakes in the Palmer, Wasilla and Anchorage area, currently are providing lots of great action on our guided ice fishing trips! Lots of happy people- both locals and visitors. We are catching lots of landlocked Chinook salmon, Rainbow Trout and the occasional Arctic Char.  The fish have not been too selective hitting cured salmon eggs, cured shrimp as well as artificial tube jigs and spoons. Our custom Alaska fishing rods built by Susitna Rods on Batson blanks are perfect for these.

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River Flow Reports

(All information is taken from

Fish Counts

Alaska fish counts provided by the ADF&G (Alaska Department of Fish and Game) is a tremendous resource; kudos to ADF&G for making this data available to the public.

Keep in mind we do a lot of fishing below and upstream of the weirs and low fish counts frequently do not indicate poor fishing.  Salmon are a migratory species and will stage in certain areas depending on conditions, often in the fishery below the weirs.  We are in tune with the habits and behaviors of these salmon and know all the places they will be, given the conditions.  Generally low water is associated with reduced salmon migration and high water with intense salmon migration.

**Please note weirs are expensive to operate and are not operated in all the waters we guide on in the Matsu Valley.

Little Susitna River

Deshka River

*Note that the Deshka River was pulled in early to Mid August in 2020, 2021 and  2022 due to funding limitations

Weather Reports

Live Weather Reports